Excitement all around!!!

Wow!! This has truly been an INSANE month so far!! The bad: Damian and I have both been sick, and my dad was in the hospital. The good: My best friend had her 1st baby on Thursday!!! He is so precious!! Damians VERP and Terminal leave got approved!! Starting November 18th Damian goes on terminal and then on his birthday, we move. Which means *insert drumroll* WE WILL BE BACK IN ILLINOIS ON THANKSGIVING DAY!!! A whole 2 and a half weeks before our original date to be back home!!

First, my best friend having her son, I cant even tell you how excited I am. I have met Little Bee and he is just AMAZING. Last night I was up super late and Jenn texted me apologizing for not texting me much, she knew I understood but just wanted to remind me I still exist in her world that is currently in its beginning insane phase. We texted back and forth for about an hour, and honestly, I am so happy that in this time of crazy she remembered me, but more importantly I am so happy to see her as a mom. I went and visited with her today and spent a couple hours catching up over the last few days of news and it was fabulous to get in some best friend time, especially knowing I wont be here much longer. Baby and mom are doing great and are anticipating being released to come home tomorrow 🙂

One thing stands out to me, these people Damian and  have surrounded ourselves with 1000 miles from home have become our family. Little Bee is my nephew and just as my “real” nephews and nieces I have already found my desire to fiercely defend him, to love him, to be there for him when he is going through something he is uncomfortable talking to his parents about (which of course Jenn I will call and tell you lol). I feel the same connection to him as my blood family, the same with his parents, Jenn is not just my best friend, she has become a sister to me, my rock of sorts, she keeps me focused on my tasks, and supports me, and is seriously the person I run to when I feel like my world is falling apart.

Now that Jenn knows how much sappy I can be (not a side anyone sees often) lets move on in topics before I flood my laptop with tears and short circuit it or something.

Damian has received a job offer in Indiana, which we are looking into, but right now feel it would be best for his transition out of the Marines to head back home. Now, if this job offer comes with a significant pay check (still getting the details) we may change our minds. With this news means we have more options than we previously thought and while good, its also putting a new kind of stress on us to be “adults.”

Let me explain, I am a child at heart. A lazy one, but a child none the less. This world of being told what to do, when and where to do it and at what time, its been perfect for us. We live in a secluded bubble, in fake suburbia, where the husbands all leave at the same time and the wives all gossip in the yard while the kids play (picture Edward Scissorhands). Moving back to the real world is TERRIFYING to me, where we have to make our own decisions, and the world isn’t such a “safe” place for people like us who, this life of being told what to do, works. That’s not to say we LIKE it, we actually are really excited for Damian to be getting out, its just….scary.

This 4 year long chapter in our lives is about to close, its in its final paragraphs, and we cant wait to see what the next chapter holds, who knows maybe another baby or 2 just to add to the insanity a little, maybe another move, maybe a different place entirely and not going home. All I know is, my insane partner in crime is the only person who is suited to deal with me, and just so long as we are together, the next chapter promises to be just as insane as the last.


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